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Dan & Laura Dotson
As Seen on Storage Wars

Dan & Laura


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Laura Dotson Storage Wars

'Storage Wars'

Dan & Laura Dotson first appeared on 'Storage Wars' in 2010 after the idea for a reality show was picked up by A&E.

A&E's highest rated show in 2011. 12 Seasons and over 280 episodes
The interest of several television networks were gained after Laura had posted auction videos on

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About Us

About Us

American Auctioneers handles three thousand auctions and appraisals per year, making Dan and Laura Americas #1 Auction Team! Read More...

Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson

Dan is the owner of American Auctioneers and the featured auctioneer on the hit reality show 'Storage Wars'. Read More...

Laura Dotson

Laura Dotson

Laura co owns American Auctioneers and also on 'Storage Wars'.

Don't Forget To Pay The Lady!

Auction Team

Auction Team

Appraisers, auctioneers, lockcutters, lot specialists and clerks help complete each auction.

The Office

Office Staff

Our office staff takes care of preparing upcoming auctions, accounting, customer service and technical support.



Blast From The Past Something for everyone. Art, Corvettes, Antiques, Coin Collections, Train Cars ? ... 👁 👁

Corvette Auction

Hundreds of vintage Corvette cars & parts auction. Thank you St. Francis Church and volunteers for all your help.

Toshiba Corporation

Thank you to our friends at Toshiba for helping, to liquidate computers, monitors, electronics and a very large solar system.

Camaro's & Parts Collection

From 7am to 7pm and maybe even a little longer, but like one big family we all pulled together to sell the cars, parts and last radiator. Fun, food and laughs!

Rare Coins & Collection

Many happy buyers today. Gold, silver, coins and rare items up for grabs. It was like a crowded floor on the stock exchange!

Our Clients..

Our Clients

American Auctioneers have successfully helped many companies and businesses liquidate over stock items, commerical equipment, and more.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are glad to answer questions. Please feel free to contact us.

PO BOX 878 Calimesa, CA 92320

phone: 1-800-838-SOLD (7653)

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